Research Division

Research Division

Research Division

The Center for Women’s Surgery Research Division is dedicated to clinical investigations, scholarship and quality assurance.  At this time, the research division is not soliciting for or entertaining new research projects.

Launched in 2007, the research division conducts original, investigator-led outcomes research. Investigations include grant–based, protocol driven research, internal assessments covering quality control, and in-depth inquiries in support of scholarship and academic publications.

Too much harm has come to too many women by the common practice of medical device companies to promote the sales of advanced medical technology to physicians, without ensuring that the physicians are adequately trained and competent to use the devices safely.  As one of the nation’s first MIGS-trained gynecologists, Dr. Amy Garcia is one of a handful of expert hysteroscopic surgeons with the experience and skill to evaluate the feasibility and safety of utilizing this new technology.

Dr. Garcia’s expertise has allowed our division to actively participate in the national discussion regarding advancing this field in a responsible and safe fashion. Serving as a consultant for the medical device industry, teaching nationally, serving on the board and on committees of the AAGL and participating in ACOG’s Safety Certification in Outpatient Practice Excellence for Women’s Health (SCOPE) program are just some of the ways that CWS strives to confer with peers and contribute to this vital discourse.

CWS does not support or endorse the use of advanced hysteroscopic surgical technology in the office setting or in the operating room by physicians who have not received rigorous post-graduate training in hysteroscopy and with each specific medical device.   Our Division of Research is involved in investigating the feasibility of safely using advanced hysteroscopic technology both in the operating room and in the office settings.

CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONS cover innovations in medical technology and clinical case series studies.

SCHOLARSHIP covers peer review publications, case reports and professional presentations.

QUALITY studies include our internal patient satisfaction assessments and best practices research.

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