Garcia Institute

Garcia Institute

With thousands of hysteroscopic procedures under her belt, Dr. Garcia is both a leading practitioner and teacher of hysteroscopy. She completed a fellowship in teaching the adult physician learner and is a nationally recognized surgical educator. The Garcia Institute for Hysteroscopic Training was launched so that Dr. Garcia can share her experience and expertise with others looking to improve their skills and abilities, and/or wish to learn how to utilize new hysteroscopic technology. It also touches on understanding and communicating the advantages of in-office hysteroscopic procedures to the patient.

Institute trainings can be customized to the individual gynecologist’s specific needs; the medical hysteroscopy course can be tailored to integrate practice management training of your office staff and administrators as needed. Training can also be partially sponsored by the medical device industry and focus specifically on training with a particular procedure such as hysteroscopic sterilization, hysteroscopic morcellation, advanced operative hysteroscopy and advanced diagnostic hysteroscopy utilizing state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Practice management modules include: setting up a practice for office operative hysteroscopy, supporting the in-office operative hysteroscopist, coding & reimbursement, and equipment purchasing.

The hysteroscopic training modules are appropriate only for physicians who are board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, while the practice management modules are appropriate for physicians, nurses, medical assistants and administrators.

The course length is generally one to three days.

Valuable, hands-on training includes a curriculum that will cover core competency areas as you hone your skills and gain experience:

  • best-practice hysteroscopy techniques,
  • practice-based learning and improvement,
  • systems-based practice, professionalism,
  • communication, and
  • hysteroscopy practice administration.

We will work with you to develop your specific learning outcomes and document your progress.

At the heart of our program is the belief that through continuous learning and development, we will strengthen our community’s ability to advocate, educate and empower health care providers and patients everywhere.

If you are interested in scheduling a training session with Dr. Garcia, please contact our practice manager, Lee Sloan, MD or call 505-554-3507.  Dr. Sloan will obtain preliminary information, estimate cost, and can then schedule a conference call between you and Dr. Garcia to discuss the content of the training.

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